SYD UK Mailing List

SYD UK Mailing List

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You don't have to be UK-based to receive news and updates from us by email.

However contact for seva purposes, and contact by phone or post are only available if you are UK-based.

How information about you will be used (Terms & Conditions)

SYD UK will use the information about you only for the purposes you have agreed to. For example, we will keep you informed about SYD UK opportunities and events and may contact you for seva purposes, if you choose.

We take active steps to keep your information secure and will not share your personal information with non-Siddha Yoga organisations unless required to do so by UK law. We will not routinely share your information with any other organisation. However, on occasion (for example if you are offering seva to an international Siddha Yoga event) we may share the information you have given SYD UK with other Siddha Yoga organisations (e.g. Siddha Yoga Sangham of Europe).

If you wish to be kept informed of events organized by other Siddha Yoga organisations, it is best to register your interest directly with them. For example, you can add yourself to the SYDA Foundation email list via their website

A more detailed explanation of the Data Protection Policy of SYD UK can be found here.

If you need any further information please contact us at SYD UK, PO Box 5156, Bath, BA1 0RL.

If you agree to SYD UK using the information you have provided for these purposes, please tick "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" above when registering.